Carl Snider

My Name is Carl. I would like to share a testimony of how I was led to Torah. As a child I was brought up in a southern Baptist church. I never really was taught how to have a real relationship with YAH. I was abused daily by my step father, who actually preached. He would force me and my brothers to get up in front of the church to sing. To be honest with all that abuse, I did not quite understand why such a God would allow this abuse. 408422_129064430624657_95720958_nOver the years, I became very rebellious and got into drugs and alcohol, which led me to prison. It wasn’t until then, that I first cried out to Yah. Over the years, it was a rollercoaster ride for me. Every time I would get locked up I would pick up my bible and study. What I didn’t know was that our father was grooming me. The last time I went to prison, I was betrayed and once again I grabbed a bible. Only this time, I started to do studies on prophecy and discovered Herbert Armstrong’s College of Bible Studies. At this point, Yah revealed to me that the law and Yah’s festivals were given to us to help us. The festivals are a dress rehearsal to prepare us and the Sabbath belongs to him and for us a rest in him and worship and fellowship. So I prayed and when I was released I bumped into an old friend who brought me to the Oasis. It was here where I found my roots. It was here where Torah is studied and Yeshua (Jesus) is honored as the Messiah. Yah has brought me here for his purpose to give him glory. I dream more everyday who I am and who I’m supposed to be in him.