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Should Christians Observe the Sabbath

What about the Sabbath?


The Sabbath has been an age-old question. Well, I believe the answers are in scripture and I would like to address some of the common questions like, why is the Sabbath important, what does it mean to God, and what should it mean to us, those of us that follow Him?

The first thing I want to go over with you is the law of hermeneutics. Hermeneutics is how one would interpret scripture. It is so important, I believe, to allow scripture to interpret scripture. One of the first laws of hermeneutics is scripture must not contradict scripture. If scripture is contradicting in one part of a scripture and then you go over to another book of the bible and it says something of the opposite, then the problem is not with the scripture, the problem is with our interpretation of what it is that we are reading. Another law of hermeneutics is context is king. Context is absolutely everything! We have close to 40,000 denominations in Christianity today. There in lays a problem. When Paul said there is one faith, one baptism, one Lord of all, why 40,000 dominations? Something is wrong.

I always encourage everyone when they study the bible to first pray. Ask God, who is faithful, to give you the insight that you want.   All of us are searching for truth. Truth is the key. It doesn’t matter what our preconceived notions are, what are preconceived ideas are. What we need to do is put those on the shelf. That is why I am doing the series “Understanding Our Christian Heritage.”

This is the second teaching from the series “Understanding Our Christian Heritage”.  If you are interested in the first teaching, click here.  I hope you enjoy.



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Dr. Deborah Wiley

Dr. Deborah Wiley is the Co-founder and Executive Director of UCAN (United Community Action Network), a community based organization. She is the Senior Pastor of Oasis Life Center and is also the founder and C.E.O. of Abundant Life Coaches, which coaches people in achieving their life’s goals and destiny. Visit her website at

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