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Sacred Name Concerns

This article has been reproduced from the book Confronting Critical Issues: An Analysis of Subjects that Affects the Growth and Stability of the Emerging Messianic Movement, by J.K. McKee.  Unless otherwise noted, Scripture quotations are from the New American Standard, Updated Edition (NASU), 1995, published by The Lockman Foundation. Contents: What is the issue? The […]

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The Unity of the Torah

This article originally appeared on (June, 2008).  “Adonai, You Are Forever; So Your Word Stands Firm in Heaven” Psalm 119:89 Every verse of each section of Psalm 119 has some reference to the Torah. The rich array of vocabulary used as synonyms for “Torah” includes ‘eidut, “decree,” piqud, “precept,” chuqah, “statute,” mitzvah, “commandment,” dereq, “way or path,” davar, “word,” mishpat, “ordinance,” […]

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